Compassionate Martial Art: 

Our Holistic Approach to Releasing Trauma Energy

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What K. Karpoff Says About Our Program

"Patrick's ability to put it together piece-by-piece, drawing on both his martial arts knowledge and connection to energy, helped me build my own awareness and practice piece-by-piece, step-by-step. He is endlessly patient and exudes joy and compassion, evident even on-line.

I am more aware of my alignment and posture while walking, it has helped me understand centre of balance and power better in yoga, and the moments when I can feel the power and energy spiralling up through my core are amazing.

I have found the simple (not so simple) practice of Bagua circle walking to be physically, spiritually, mentally and energetically focusing."

I want to reclaim my boundary and empower myself!

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Energy Healing +  Martial Art = Numerous Benefits Below!

1. Tame Our Inner Horses

The first martial arts style introduced in our program is Bagua.  The special walking techniques introduced in Bagua are perfect for mood regulation, done in a grounding and containing way.

2.  Increase Our Charisma

Posture attunement is a big part of our practice.  After all, our emotions are closely tied to our postures.  Good postures promote healthy energy flow, and we naturally feel better when blood and energy circulate well inside our bodies.

By the way, did you know proper postures also brighten up our energy field?  We will have a much stronger presence while carrying a welcoming and confident vibe!

3.  Reconnect Mind, Body and Emotion

For people feeling disassociated from their physical presence or emotions or stuck in a particular time and space, our techniques help to reintegrate the mind, body, and emotion. 

Martial arts techniques are about coordinating all parts of our body to generate the maximum power output.  When we immerse in the learning process, we will inevitably extend our coordinating techniques and understandings to the mind, emotion and soul.  The profound self-awareness gained from our training helps us rediscover who we really are as holistic beings.

4.  Be at Ease and Peace

Trauma happens when the intensity exceeds our windows of tolerance and becomes too overwhelming for us to return to our normal state. 

In our practice, we encourage training within our capacities and holding space for our growth.  Like how a young seeding grows, our capacities, including our strength, flexibility and stamina grow as we practice.  Before we know it, what used to be overwhelming to us will fall into our windows of tolerance, and we can enjoy more swift moments when facing our daily challenges.

5.  Express Ourselves with Style

Through holistic integration, we get to know who we are.  We recognize our uniqueness, accept our vulnerabilities and know what our values are.  What can be better than expressing our authentic selves through the fluid moves of martial arts, while bathing in the flow of vital energy?

6.  Imitate the Universal Motion will...?

Orbiting motion happens at all levels throughout the universe, from particles all the way to stars.  Why is orbiting such a popular motion?  What would happen if we follow the same motion in our practice?  This is to be experienced energetically, let's move bravely into the unknown!

What J.Lau Says About Our Program

"You are patient to let me know the details for both physical and spiritual.

After I learnt it. It helps me apply how to handle the balance in workings, emotion, relationship,etc.. I could apply it in anything.

It is interesting.

Especially keeping Central and balance in body and mind."

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Online Course Libraries

Full access to our pre-recorded online courses carefully designed to prepare our members for our interactive activities.

Regular Interactive Group Coaching

Currently, we are holding at least one group coaching session per program every week.  Members are invited to submit their questions on the respective subject before the coaching session and interact with Patrick and fellow participants to deepen our understanding of the subject.  This is the time we grow mutually together.

Community Participation

You are never alone.  This is where we hold spaces with love and compassion for each other.  Members can share their learning experiences or invite for support.  Together, we create the community we want.

Other Online Resources

With our collaboration, I am certain more resources will become available.  We are never shy from sharing good resources with our members, and we are excited to see what will unfold in the future.

I am ready to be a part of this community!

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Frequently Asked Questions

This Program is for You If:

  • You have a genuine interest in Chinese internal martial art
  • You are seeking holistic growth, developing your physical body, mind, emotion and soul
  • You are a healing professional wanting to expand your healing toolkit to serve your clients
  • You are on your healing journey and looking for tools and people to facilitate your experience 
  • You are looking for self-empowerment, wanting to regain ownership of your life
  • You want to feel more secure, more courageous and more confident when facing challenges
  • You want to connect to your infinite abundance of love and compassion


What S. Clark Says About Our Program

I have suffered trauma in my life and I realized that that experience led to disempowerment and poor boundaries.  What I experienced in Bagua walking is what I would refer to as “containment”.  I felt I was pulling energy into my Being and grounding it and from that stance, I felt empowered.  This is the place I need to move from in my life.  It is a place of no fear.  It is a place of strength and empowerment.  It is a place where I can move out into the world from.  Thank you Patrick for this powerful teaching.

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