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Hi, I’m Patrick! I am delighted to be your companion on your journey to compassion, balance and harmony

Born in Taiwan and studied in Canada, I first developed my professional career as an IT professional in the mobile and financial industries in Hong Kong. 

I have always had a vast interest in Chinese internal martial arts, and I was so lucky to encounter many phenomenal mentors and masters during my time in Canada and Hong Kong.  I am forever grateful for their selfless teaching and kindness.  As a tribute to them, using their knowledge and wisdom along with my unique experience to serve the world has always been my biggest dream.

My health took a downturn in 2015.  As I was lying in the hospital for weeks, I realized that my time in this lifetime has a limit, and I need to empower myself to pursue my passion before my time is up.  I said to myself, "Pat, if my passion is to serve other people with my love, compassion and everything else I know, that's what I will do."  I am truly thankful for my health condition to open a new door for me. I am also grateful for my years of martial arts practice for grounding me during this uncertain period and empowering me to be at genuine peace with my situation.

During my pursuit, I also became a hypnotherapist, energy healer, a space holder, and a Soul Realignment practitioner.  To me, my experiences with these healing modalities converge to the following:

  • We are all unique.  Each of us has our own scope of healing, and one can only heal oneself.
  • We are all more than meet the eyes.  Our consciousness covers our physical presence, emotion, mind and beyond, connecting us to the Earth and the universe.  To heal means we are to authentically face our past and vulnerabilities, acknowledge our feelings and perceptions, and ultimately integrate our presence holistically at all dimensions.
  • Self-empowerment comes from staying grounded, centred and aligned, and manifesting our physical reality through our intention, choices and actions, instead of allowing our actions to be carried away by our emotions.  

After returning to Canada in 2019, I combined the above takeaways with my dream to create this Compassionate Martial Art program.  This is where I am now, and this is the platform for me to serve the world.

I am in love with what I do and the people I serve.  If you resonate with my story, vision and the work I do, come and join me.  Let's embark on this fun journey together!

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