Live. Laugh. Love.

Through Our Alignment Between Conscious and Physical Bodies,

Let's Our Human Consciousness Uprise to the Next Level

Who We Are and How can You Benefit by Working with Us

At Serene Internal Art, we specialize in empowering individuals through the transformative practice of Chinese internal martial arts. Combined with our solution-focused coaching approach, we aim to enhance your resilience and well-being. With our founder, Patrick Han, bringing years of expertise in financial IT services and personal development, we possess a deep understanding of the distinct challenges you encounter in both the corporate and spirituality domains.

We hold trauma-informed, solution-focused space for personal growth, allowing you to heal and thrive. Our programs are designed to reformulate your primitive resilience pattern, minimizing the occurrence of the fight, flight, or freeze response, helping you cultivate a balanced mindset and response to life’s challenges.

Chiese internal martial arts training, lies at the heart of our approach, providing a pathway to discipline, focus, and self-confidence. By expanding your physical and mental capacity, you will develop resilience and an unwavering spirit to overcome obstacles.

At Serene Internal Art, we are committed to accompanying you on a journey of empowerment and transformation. Together, we will cultivate resilience, find inner balance, and unleash your full potential.


Hmm, where do I start 🙂

As I am writing this, I noticed my chest is filled with so much gratitude. I would like to thank everyone who has walked into my life and inspired me to become who I am today, and everyone that’s about to co-create a wonderful journey together with me, including you.

I sincerely and humbly thank all of you, for completing my human “being” experience with so much love and patience.

Holding so much gratitude and love at heart, I am deeply honoured to having the opportunity to support you and our community by holding a fun and non-

judgemental space, encouraging our members to live fulfilling lives with self-empowerment, self-awareness, authentic self-expression and conscious choices.
I hope through our coaching services and internal arts practices, you will also find your way to the inner infinite abundance of peace, love and compassion.

What would you like to co-create together today?

Let’s do it!

Born and raised in Taiwan, Patrick studied in Canada, worked in Hong Kong for two decades as a financial IT professional, is now servicing the Richmond, Vancouver and online communities as a space-holding life coach and Chinese internal martial arts instructor for taiji, xingyi and bagua. Patrick specializes in combining all of his professional and self-development skills to evoke holistic integration, develop balance-based resilience and self-awareness.

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