JIN Cultivation Mastery Workshop

Learn Everything About Your True-Power Unleashing Biomechanics!

Cultivate "Jin"? What the Heck is "Jin"?

This is a must-ask question (maybe without the heck?) as Jin is a borrowed word from Chinese. I know text can get boring, I promise I will make the explanation as interesting as I can, I promise!

Jin is a Chinese word written as "勁", and it is a special kind of force which a skilled martial arts practitioner can generate as a result of well-coordinated, integrated fascia-driven biomechanics.

That's right! By learning how to generate Jin, we are really learning how to upgrade our way of movement from driving muscles within only a partial area of our body, to doing fascial movements involving the coordination of our entire body.

I am Just Fine with the Way I Move. Why Would I Wanna Switch?

There are a few BIG reasons why you'd want to learn fascia-driven techniques. Ready?

1. Experience Your True Power

The Power You can Generate with Fascia is Strong, Resilient and strengthens your grounding capability. With this power and related application skills, people will have harder time throw you off balance or make you lose ground, both physically and mentally.

Even this young lady who is only half of my size can withstand my body weight using a simple fascia attuned stance! Look at the happy smile on her face!

2. From Stress to Relaxation

Tensing up your muscles is stressful, and the more you proactively stress your muscles, the more your fascia stay away from what you are dealing with!

The more you allow for relaxation and room for body wisdom, the more your fascia will be willing to unleash your "jin" and true potential!

3. Build Trust with Your Body

When we have trust and safety, our creative minds opens up for manifesting great outcomes.

Same thing with our body! Learning jin biomechanics is all about having our self-ego to let go of the control over our body and be in the state of curiousity.

Learn what your body can do. Expand its capability by partnering with your body and grow at your own pace.

When you are able to just let your body wisdom do the magic, you'll get to enjoy the relaxation as a reward!ll Call to Action Headline

4. Cultivate Sensory Intelligence

Fascia is our largest sensory organ for proprioceptive (how our body is in the spatial orientation) and interoceptive (how we feel inside of our body) information.

Through Jin cultivation, not only you will have access to the much finer details of what you sense, you will also have the wisdom and tools to make the best use of them!

Well I am a Long Time Yoga Practitioner and My Fascia is Likely Stronger Than Yours. Why would I Still Want to Consider the Jin Cultivation Mastery Program?

This is a great question! Yoga is also another great modality or cultivating fascia wellness and strength and there are also countless benefits to Yoga practices.

If you are good with Yoga, chances are, your yoga experience would amplify the benefits of our Jin Cultivation Mastery program for you even more! Here is why:

When yoga is practiced alone, the practitioner builds for strength and balance in a "still" environment. When there is external variable disturbance (such as another angry dude) stirring up the peaceful equilibrium, chances are, the practitioner may have less tools registered with the body wisdom to handle such situation.

A big part of the Jin Cultivation Mastery program is about interactive practices with partners we trust to develop our capacity at dealing with external circumstances using our internal resources and skills. By the way, this is great fun!


1. Learn and perform the Yang Style 24 Taichi Routine in full

2. Develop a great hobbie that can last for a lifetime

3. Learn how to tune your physical posture for attracting positive people, intention and outcome

4. Enjoy more frequent, genuine positive emotions

5. Develop a trusting and aligning relationship with your physical body

6. Transform life stress to capability and ease

7. Become more self-aware and learn more about yourself and your body

8. Learn how relaxation can vastly increase your body movement effectiveness

9. Learn to coordinate your body parts to generate very powerful moves

10. Learn the amazingness of you, and be showered in self-appreciation and gratitude

11. Learn to turn opponents to partners, and the wonderful shifts coming after that

12. Enjoy the new way of being as self-ego takes a comfortable position in the observer's seat

13. Develop sensory intelligence that strengthens your ability to balance

14. Develop supporting strength and techniques for well-rounded resilience

15. Develop skills to neutralize incoming forces from different directions at different strengths

16. Learn to hold space for yourself and others

17. Raise your level of confidence and self-esteem

18. Increase your level of focus and attention span

19. Keep yourself rejuvenated with joy

20. Develop capacity to keep your cool even when facing life-challenging situations

21. Increase agility, flexibility and mobility of your body, so you can move with confidence and comfort

22. Learn more about your body and how to support your body with proper biomechanics

23. Train and widen the window of tolerance of your neural and sensory network, improve your overall wellbeing

24. Build your overall physical strength and stamina, so you will be more resourceful achieving your life goals

25. You will learn the self-defense related concepts, emotional regulation techniques biomechanics

26. You will be excited to discover different ways to be a better version of you!


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